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Joe is the voice heard most often on MYWINERADIO. He is on all the short announcements you hear between songs and the tracks that talk about MYWINERADIO. Joe has an incredible history in radio and knows how important it is to be connected to listeners and community. He is a legend and we are honored Joe works with us and helps to tell the MYWINERADIO story.

Dee Garcia

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That happy sounding upbeat voice you hear on our “Salutes to the Women of Wine Country” and our promotional announcements is Dee Garcia. She is one of the most positive people we have ever met. Dee loves her dogs and any chance to travel! We love her enthusiasm and ability to connect with our listeners. Dee is a true professional with never ending energy!



Blogger and host, WINEVIPROOMGUY knows California Wine Country. He has his own site, WINEVIPROOM.COM and loves the people and wines of California.  Guy loves sharing stories and great wines with our listeners. A little old school and a little school of rock, Guy loves all types of music and refuses to grow up! He has travelled all the great wine regions of Cali and will be sharing his adventures with you!