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Nate Lopez, San Francisco

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One of the hardest working guitarists in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nate Lopez has been making a name for himself for well over a decade. Playing an eight-string guitar/bass hybrid (an instrument-type championed by the legendary Charlie Hunter), Lopez delivers a sound that goes far beyond standard solo guitar impressions. With a style that is centered around a deep understanding of jazz and groove-oriented pop, Lopez’s powerful solo guitar playing captivates audiences at events and concerts throughout California, and he was voted “Best Acoustic Musician of the North Bay” by the North Bay Bohemian in 2017.  Lopez also won the Arkansas Contemporary Fingerstyle Competition in 2015.

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New Single SFO (first single from upcoming project titled “Nate Lopez vs Nioshi Jackson”)

SFO is meant to capture the feel of the airport, with all its diversity, options, and the frantic calm that goes with traveling.


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