Mayor Dunbar, Yountville

Sunday, March 29th

Hello, Yountville. I’ll be back live at 5 pm Monday on Facebook, but I wanted to check in and let you know I’m continuing daily communications with my fellow Council members and Town staff, as well as county, state and federal officials. We’re monitoring what’s happening in Napa County (10 confirmed positive cases in our County as of this morning), as well as statewide and at the federal level. You’ve probably heard about the $2 trillion response and recovery funding for residents, health care sector and businesses across our nation. Today, Governor Newsom also announced that Bloom Energy, a Bay Area company, is converting its manufacturing of fuel cells to refurbishing ventilators to provide more support to our public health workers. Private businesses are donating supplies to help provide what’s needed in our hospitals and medical facilities. More efficient and more quantities of test kits are being produced. Wish it was more and sooner, but it’s progress. Please continue to comply with the state and county guidelines about staying home, avoiding personal contact outside your family, and limit outdoor activity. I know the rain helps that, but the forecast is warmer and drier later this week. We can’t get lazy about protecting ourselves and others. Also, if you can, support the essential local businesses that continue to serve our community. Take advantage of the restaurants offering to-go food service, buy gift cards to provide some revenue while they’re paying laid off workers. Above all, though, stay at home and stay safe. I’ll check in again soon.