• Current Obsessions: Savoring July
    by Remodelista Team on July 24, 2021 at 8:00 AM

    Ahead this weekend; plus, a few summer must-haves we’re coveting: A while back we took a tour of Té Company (see: The Loveliest Tea Room in New York), so we were intrigued to hear about a pop-up outdoor reading room in the West Village today, July 24th, from 2-5 p.m., in collaboration with Riverhead books.

  • Seven Lakes Inn in Maine: Summer-Ready Lodgings by a Mother-Daughter Duo
    by Annie Quigley on July 23, 2021 at 8:00 AM

    The latest weekend escape I’m eyeing here in Maine? Seven Lakes Inn, recently opened in an 1840s farmhouse in Belgrade. I first spotted glimpses on Instagram and was struck by the design-minded but unfussy interiors: black-painted bed frames, natural-fiber rugs, classic quilts—the kind of place you can hang up your wet bathing suit after a

  • Object of Desire: The Indoor/Outdoor Desert Chair from Ferm Living
    by Julie Carlson on July 23, 2021 at 7:00 AM

    Reminiscent of Verner Panton’s classic Bachelor chair: Ferm Living’s chic Desert Chair has a tubular powder-coated steel frame with an interchangeable woven textile seat made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s suitable for use both indoors and out and is available in a range of colors. Here’s a look: See more objects of desire: New/Old Lighting

  • Danish Light: 8 Ideas to Steal from a Restaurant in Copenhagen by a Studio on the Rise
    by Annie Quigley on July 22, 2021 at 10:00 AM

    Not long ago,  I stumbled upon Hverdagen, a newish restaurant in Copenhagen’s industrial-cool Kødbyen neighborhood with warm, clean-lined interiors, paper lanterns, and terra cotta-colored details. It’s now on my some-day itinerary. A little more sleuthing revealed that the restaurant interiors are by Danish studio Vermland, founded by cabinet maker Joakim Tolf Vulpius and young architect

  • Kitchen of the Week: A Modern Barn Conversion in the English Countryside
    by Fan Winston on July 22, 2021 at 8:00 AM

    What this project lacks in color, it more than makes up for in texture. Brushed stainless steel, soft Corian, and light oak combine with the age-old timber ceiling beams and stone walls original to the structure, formerly a barn, for a particularly striking materials palette. The team behind Jack Trench, a bespoke kitchen design firm

  • Before & After Photos: 14 Months In!
    by YoungHouseLove on July 23, 2021 at 4:59 PM

    Note: This post was born from an updated Before & After page that we heard people were having trouble finding (since it wasn’t at the top of our blog feed). So here it is, forever immortalized as a chronological post. And now, since we’ll continue to update our Before & After page over time, we have this post frozen in time, which is nice to look back on. Wish we had done it around 6 months in and at the year mark too. We downsized to this 1,400 square foot house in Northwest Florida on May of 2020 after a fast, furious, and long-distance three-month renovation. You can read more about how we found ourselves craving a pared-down lifestyle for our family here and here (that last one is a really good synopsis of what led us to this exact spot). Continue reading Before & After Photos: 14 Months In! at Young House Love.

  • Building An Easy Privacy Trellis (With 2 Pieces Of Wood + 1 Planter Box)
    by John Petersik on June 7, 2021 at 5:57 PM

    BRB, just changing the name of this blog to “Solving Problems With Plants.” And I know we promised a huge pool post, but the pool is still very much in progress. Hopefully it’ll be done next month and we can write one big breakdown with approximately 473 photos. But back to how plants can not only hide ugly stuff, they can also offer some pretty great privacy, as we’re about to demonstrate below. One of the things that contributes to our house being extra walkable to shops, parks, the beach, and restaurants is that it’s less like a sprawling suburban neighborhood due to the lots being a good deal smaller (you can read more about why a walkable neighborhood and a smaller house/lot really appealed to our family in this post). It’s a similar feeling to our former beach house in Cape Charles, Virginia, which taught us that we really didn’t mind being that close to other homes. Continue reading Building An Easy Privacy Trellis (With 2 Pieces Of Wood + 1 Planter Box) at Young House Love.

  • A Simple DIY Outdoor Plant Shelf To Disguise Ugly Utility Boxes
    by John Petersik on April 15, 2021 at 4:51 PM

    When we shared pictures of our front porch last fall, we said that our decorating strategy out here was basically “plants and more plants.” It helps visually connect the porch to all of the greenery surrounding our house and – as we’ll show you today – it’s also helping us hide some less-than-pretty parts of this outdoor area. Let’s call them wall warts. Three large rectangular wall warts. But more on that in a second. white fluted planter | outdoor ceiling fan |wicker storage box | larger white planter | similar egg chair First let’s travel back in time to what this all looked like last February when we put an offer in on this house (that’s our realtor in the photo below) As you can see, we’ve already come quite a long way (you can read more about the exterior updates we did in this area here & here). Continue reading A Simple DIY Outdoor Plant Shelf To Disguise Ugly Utility Boxes at Young House Love.

  • Our Bedroom Ten Months In (Houston, We Have A Closet!)
    by Sherry Petersik on March 17, 2021 at 7:51 PM

    Long story short, instead of having 8 doors that lead outside in our bedroom (yes, we really had that many), we now have 6. And spoiler alert: it’s still plenty. We really just use the middle set along this huge wall of doors to go in and out, but the view and the light that the other doors let in is truly a room-making detail. We love the view in here and all of the brightness that shines in, and the addition of the fence for our own little private courtyard out there has been so nice. It not only makes the yard feel more private, it makes the bedroom feel more nestled and private too (more on that fence/courtyard area here). rug | similar lamps | bed frame | headboard | similar bench | ottoman | curtains | curtain rod | similar table / wood chairs | door knobs The exciting thing about eliminating that last set of double doors (which used to be where our left nightstand and the left half of our bed are in the photo below), is that we could then move our bed into that cozy nook that was created: rug | similar lamps | bed frame | headboard | similar bench | ottoman | curtains | curtain rod | similar table / wood chairs | door knobs As a reminder, the picture below is how the room used to be arranged (the bed just rotated one wall to the right after we closed off those doors): nightstands | rug | similar lamps | bed frame | similar woven mirror | similar capiz mirror | similar bench | curtains | curtain rod | similar inlay dresser So not only do we have a brand new bed wall with a view of the fireplace and our pretty wall of doors, that shift also allowed us to add a huge closet full of more storage than our house has ever known! Continue reading Our Bedroom Ten Months In (Houston, We Have A Closet!) at Young House Love.

  • How We Created A Cozy Fire Pit Area In Our Formerly Boring Side Yard
    by Sherry Petersik on February 17, 2021 at 6:31 PM

    We’ve been enjoying this fire pit hangout spot for months now, but it hasn’t been on the blog… until today. This is basically a lesson in how a fence can make a HUGE difference in defining an area, which can lead to adding some simple outdoor furnishings (in this case, it was four adirondak chairs and a fire pit – which hit the ground and instantly created an entirely new “outdoor room” for our whole family to enjoy). We hang out here and make s’mores at least once a week (and sometimes a lot more than that), so it has been a very welcome addition. Especially during a time when everyone is spending A LOT of time at home, so something novel and new like this bonus hangout zone feels extra special We even made s’mores for dessert on Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, so it’s quickly becoming quite the family tradition. Continue reading How We Created A Cozy Fire Pit Area In Our Formerly Boring Side Yard at Young House Love.