• Current Obsessions: October Still Life
    by Remodelista Team on October 16, 2021 at 8:00 AM

    Ahead, a few items of note this autumn weekend: Fan is following the transformation of The Mae House, LaTonya Yvette’s 100-year-old work-in-progress house in upstate New York; follow along on Instagram via @_themaehouse. (This just in: the kitchen.) Going on tomorrow in Maine: a pop-up market ft. New England makers in the barn at Seven

  • Druid’s Hall: A Nature-Worshipping Guesthouse in Northern California
    by Fan Winston on October 15, 2021 at 10:00 AM

    We’ve long been captivated by Margaret Grade and Daniel Delong’s distinctively moody guesthouses in West Marin, California. In addition to Sir & Star at Hotel Olema, Manka’s Inverness Lodge, and Manka’s Boathouse, the two are the proprietors of Druid’s Hall, once the former meeting hall of the United Ancient Order of Druids. Like Sir &

  • Remodeling 101: How to Revive Stained Concrete Floors, Color Edition
    by Meredith Swinehart on October 14, 2021 at 10:00 AM

    I’ve long loved concrete floors. I like their zero-maintenance appeal, their industrial look that gets better with time, and—though they work well with radiant underfloor heating (see our Remodeling 101 on the topic)—I even like the feeling of a cool floor underfoot, especially when temperatures rise. But I’ve recently found a flaw in concrete floors—something

  • Kitchen of the Week: Paul de Zwart of Another Country in London
    by Julie Carlson on October 14, 2021 at 8:00 AM

    Our friend Paul de Zwart, the founder of contemporary craft furniture maker Another Country (and the former publisher of Wallpaper magazine), recently shared his newly renovated Northwest London kitchen with us. “Located in a Victorian terrace house, the project involved joining two rooms into one to create a new dine-in kitchen,” he says. “Much attention

  • Upstate Update: A Writer’s “Layered,” Eclectic Catskills Farmhouse
    by Annie Quigley on October 13, 2021 at 8:00 AM

    When we first featured the Catskills farmhouse of writer Lisa Przystup, it was the summer of 2017; the first solar eclipse in a century was about to take over the sky and cast little moon-shaped shadows on the ground; and Lisa and her husband, musician Jonathon Linaberry, then Brooklynites, had just found an 1800s farmhouse

  • 7 Smart Storage Pieces That We Rely On Every Day
    by John Petersik on September 30, 2021 at 12:22 AM

    Anyone who lives in a small-ish space knows that thoughtful storage can upgrade so many aspects of your life at home when it’s done right (and it can be a daily frustration when it’s not done well or at all). No matter how big your rooms are or how many you have, you just want to be able to access things easily & keep them in a smart spot – and downsizing from our 3150 square foot house to this 1400 square foot home last year definitely challenged us to be even more mindful about how we incorporate the most useful storage systems into our home. Suddenly we were living in 6 rooms (down from 14!) and we also no longer have a garage, an attic, a big outdoor shed/workshop, or even a closet in most of the bedrooms (of our 3 bedrooms, only 1 had a closet when we bought this house!). Continue reading 7 Smart Storage Pieces That We Rely On Every Day at Young House Love.

  • 9 Kitchen Updates That Help Us Make The Most Of Our Small Kitchen
    by John Petersik on September 20, 2021 at 6:37 PM

    “We just couldn’t figure out why you weren’t tearing out the kitchen.” That’s what one of our contractor’s guys said to us right as we moved in last year. I understood his confusion. We were redoing floors, moving doors, vaulting ceilings, etc – but we left the small old kitchen relatively untouched – complete with mauve laminate countertops. You can see what I mean in this post. But to know us is to know that we strongly prefer to live with an expensive-to-renovate room like a kitchen first, just so we don’t rush into spending major money on big permanent changes that we might later regret or wish that we thought through a little longer. So we spent the last 16 months debating various big ideas for this room, all while peppering in some simple smaller updates to get a feel for how they help improve the space and what we might want for our more long-term plan. Continue reading 9 Kitchen Updates That Help Us Make The Most Of Our Small Kitchen at Young House Love.

  • Putting In A Pool: The Process, The Cost, and All The Before & After Photos
    by John Petersik on August 18, 2021 at 6:30 PM

    It’s been a full year in the making, but OUR POOL IS DONE*! Here’s where I imagine someone saying “and the crowd goes wiiiiild” (and the crowd, in this case, is the five members of our household – including Burger shaking a tiny pom-pom). Today we’ve got one HUGE post full of info about the entire process, the budget, and, of course, the finished result. We’re also answering some of the most common questions we got throughout this project. *Well, mostly done. More on that later towels / hooks / wall scuppers / chair / drum stool / sconce / doorknob / tan pots / white pot / lounge chairs / solar path lights Neither of us have ever lived in a house with a pool or even in an area of the country where residential pools are very common. Continue reading Putting In A Pool: The Process, The Cost, and All The Before & After Photos at Young House Love.

  • Before & After Photos: 14 Months In!
    by YoungHouseLove on July 23, 2021 at 4:59 PM

    Note: This post was born from an updated Before & After page that we heard people were having trouble finding (since it wasn’t at the top of our blog feed). So here it is, forever immortalized as a chronological post. And now, since we’ll continue to update our Before & After page over time, we have this post frozen in time, which is nice to look back on. Wish we had done it around 6 months in and at the year mark too. We downsized to this 1,400 square foot house in Northwest Florida on May of 2020 after a fast, furious, and long-distance three-month renovation. You can read more about how we found ourselves craving a pared-down lifestyle for our family here and here (that last one is a really good synopsis of what led us to this exact spot). Continue reading Before & After Photos: 14 Months In! at Young House Love.

  • Building An Easy Privacy Trellis (With 2 Pieces Of Wood + 1 Planter Box)
    by John Petersik on June 7, 2021 at 5:57 PM

    BRB, just changing the name of this blog to “Solving Problems With Plants.” And I know we promised a huge pool post, but the pool is still very much in progress. Hopefully it’ll be done next month and we can write one big breakdown with approximately 473 photos. But back to how plants can not only hide ugly stuff, they can also offer some pretty great privacy, as we’re about to demonstrate below. One of the things that contributes to our house being extra walkable to shops, parks, the beach, and restaurants is that it’s less like a sprawling suburban neighborhood due to the lots being a good deal smaller (you can read more about why a walkable neighborhood and a smaller house/lot really appealed to our family in this post). It’s a similar feeling to our former beach house in Cape Charles, Virginia, which taught us that we really didn’t mind being that close to other homes. Continue reading Building An Easy Privacy Trellis (With 2 Pieces Of Wood + 1 Planter Box) at Young House Love.