Nicki Nysven, Paso Robles

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I’m Nicki Nysven and I live in quaint Paso Robles. I’ve always loved to draw and paint, but didn’t realize this passion would turn into a purpose. I have two children who have Lyme disease and co-infections and our family has been deeply affected. Life sucks sometimes, but it’s all about how you choose to handle it and I had to change my mindset.  I turned to art as a form of self-therapy. Instead of focusing on negatives I needed to find positives. One was knowing that I can’t control what tomorrow will bring but I can control how I handle it. A way to do that for me was to paint. One day I decided to post some of my paintings on Instagram.

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Instagram is my positive place to post what makes me happy and art makes me happy.  Merrissa of Rad Maverix Republic expressed how much she liked my artwork and asked me to paint her logo in watercolor form for her upcoming 2017 Fall T-shirt collection. That painting kick started my art journey to a whole other level. People started to express interest in my art. Friends and others asked me to paint for them. With the increasing interest, now “Nicki Lenore” is officially a business. Each piece I create is carefully thought out and made from my heart.

NL 6Lyme disease started this journey which was dark at times, but my art was a positive force in my life. Our Lyme journey isn’t over, but at least this is a HUGE positive that’s come out of a HUGE negative. Toward that end, I’ve been given an opportunity here in my hometown to have my paintings displayed in the high-end boutique “Ambiance.” Lucy Huffman, manager of the Paso Robles store, took immediate interest in my artwork and has given me this amazing opportunity. I am grateful and super excited to see where this journey leads me.

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More About Nicki in her own words 

More of Nicki’s Art at AMBIANCE in Paso and on her Website at Nicki Lenore

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