West Coast Travel Minute

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Ginny Prior is our host for West Coast Travel Minute heard each day on MyWineRadio. Our Travel Minute gives you the best destinations in California for a quick weekend trip, a vacation or maybe a staycation. Things to see and do in some of California’s coolest towns, counties and regions. Ginny gives you great recommendations to get you started in each West Coast Travel Minute. Listen to a West Coast Travel Minute below and listen for all our Travel Minutes on MyWineRadio each day at 9am and again at Noon!

Ginny is the Executive Director of the Bay Area Travel Writers, one of the oldest regional travel journalist organizations in the country. A longtime broadcaster (KSFO, KCBS, Sports Byline USA) and print journalist, her travel columns appears regularly in the Bay Area NewsGroup-owned Hills Newspapers, online in the East Bay Times and the Mercury News and in Montclair Living, Piedmont Living and Berkeley Hills Living Magazines. Follow Ginny Prior on twitter, instagram, linked-in and online at http://www.ginnyprior.com

West Coast Travel Minute – St. Helena






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