Why We Love California

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A lot of comments about our “Why We Love California” Promotional Campaign. We wanted to provide you with some background on this campaign and also post our promos here so you can play them anytime you want to listen.

A few facts about the Promos….

Initially 3 “Why We Love California” Promotional Announcements were written and produced by MYWINERADIO. Later Big Rick Stuart wrote and produced 2 more, so in total there are 5 announcements that play through a rotation on-air.

These are the property of MYWINERADIO and help to tell the story of why this state is so unique/why we love California so much and why we do business here as opposed to another state.

These are not commercials and MYWINERADIO is not paid to play these announcements. These are strictly informational and help to better define and describe MYWINERADIO.

All 5 Announcements are below. More questions, drop us a line at contact@mywineradio.com

California Promo #1

California Promo #2

California Promo #3

California Promo #4

California Promo #5


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